Growing up as a kid and watching Disney movies such as The Lion King and Tarzan made me feel as if humanity was at one with nature and the environment. Now, I realise we might not be able to see a lion or an ape in its natural habitat for much longer. This generates eco-anxiety.

When I was growing up…


I never thought our oceans, our lands, our air, our food and our very own survival would be at risk. I never thought I would be walking into my local supermarket, feeling overwhelmed by the aisles of waste destined to landfills. A constant feeling of guilt.

Yet, here we are in 2021 with a warming planet, extreme flooding and weather battering the UK – and continual loss of natural habitats. It is difficult to see a light at the end of this tunnel.


Today and the future…

It is time for us to speak out about our generation’s eco-anxiety. The chronic fear and stress we feel when thinking about the degradation of our planet. With fear comes anger due to our feeling of not being powerful enough to make a difference. But, this is where we are wrong. You and I are powerful enough to make a difference.

People are showing symptoms of depression, burn-out and anxiety. But isn’t being anxious a normal reaction to the realisation that our home and something we love will not be there anymore?

Experts from the Climate Psychology Alliance suggest for individuals to not isolate themselves, but to find a community to share their feelings. Knowing this is a shared struggle we are all facing, helps us to cope with the perception of being alone. It empowers us to face what feels like an impossible challenge and to take action.



We do not need to change our lifestyles completely to relieve some eco-anxiety. The smallest action can make a difference, for example switching from disposable water bottles to an Inox Bottle. What we need is a world full of people doing zero-waste imperfectly, rather than a handful doing it perfectly. Changing our mindset, taking responsibility for the way we consume is the first and most important step.