Activated charcoal filters are a great natural solution to filtering your water from all the nasties that reach our taps, thereby making your water taste like water!

Not only will your charcoal water filters last a long time, but they can be reactivated to last longer.

Step 1

Rinse your filter under running water. Charcoal particles may disperse, but it is all natural, no worries.

Step 2

After you have rinsed the filter, place it in your bottle or jug with tap water. Our activated charcoal filters are designed so that they can fit in several bottles, jugs or other containers. The filter takes at least 1 hour to have an effect on the water, so after you placed it in your bottle, let it float for a bit!

Step 3

We recommend removing the filter before drinking. Enjoy some refreshing water, free from chemicals and bacteria!

Step 4

After about 1 month your filter will need to be refreshened. Simply place the filter in boiling water for 10-15 minutes and let it dry for another 10-15 minutes. Your filter is now purified and is ready to filter for another month.

Step 5

After 2-3 uses, it is time to replace your filter. Hold up though, not so quick! You might be able to give it a second life. Used activated charcoal filters can dehumidify smelly places like the inside of your gym bag, or your running shoes. Our activated charcoal filter is completely natural, so you can simply break it into pieces and place in your compost, or give some nutrients to your plants! Yes, it even fertilises your herbs.

Now you know everything you need to know about our activated charcoal filter. Let us know of any new ideas and tips on this product, we are always curious to know more.